This new edition of the Emirati Expressions will continue the thematic of the first and will reflect on the ‘movement of thoughts’; particularly on Emirati cultural heritage, that will be translated through an exhibition of photographs created by Emirati artists but also visiting photographers invited to work with the artists to tell an Emirati expression that is inherently global.

Under the artistic direction of renowned photographer Stephen Shore, the exhibition will bring together 10 Emirati artists practicing in the medium of photography.

These artists are: Afra Al Daheri,  Afra Bin Daher, Alia Al Shamsi, Ammar Al Attar, Fatima Al Yousef, Hadeyeh Badri, Lateefa Bint Maktoum, Maitha Demithan, Mira Obaid Al Qaseer and Salem Al Qassimi.

An interactive process:
In addition to the works of the 10 Emiratis photographers, Emirati Expressions 2011 will show some of Stephen Shore’s photographs of Abu Dhabi, commissioned by TDIC as well as the works of photographer JR, known for his larger than life photographic installations in public places, and Tarek Al Ghoussein, photographer and Professor of the American University of Sharjah, whose work has been exhibited extensively and collected by museums all over the world.

These artists will work together with the support of other Emiratis artists contributing to elements of the exhibition including:
– The artist and calligrapher Mohammed Al Mandi, who designed the UAE’s paper money and passport, who will create the artistic identity of the exhibition
– Faiza Mubarak who is designing the cover of the exhibition catalogue
– Sheikha Wafa Hasher Al Maktoum who is developing the exhibition brochure
– twofour54 ibtikar, known for financing and supporting businesses and individuals in the Arab media and entertainment industry, is responsible for the exhibition’s film
– A group of students on an internship from UAE universities are also supporting the exhibition lighting and design
– Möbius Design Studio, a group of female designers from different parts of the Middle East, whose expertise range from visual communication, multimedia design, and architecture. It is lead by Hala Al-Ani, Riem Hassan and Hadeyeh Badri (one of the Emirati artists participating in the exhibition)