Teachers and educators attended a bespoke briefing on 27 May at 3pm , in Gallery One. The briefing highlight key themes to be explored within Louvre Abu Dhabi. Education experts from the Louvre Museum shared their expertise and specialist materials.

This dedicated teacher’s training session focused not only on the works featured in Talking Art: Louvre Abu Dhabi event itself but also on the key concepts and approaches teachers can use to increase pupil’s knowledge, understanding and  awareness of the issues raised in these works. The relationship between teaching art in the classroom and visits to this event and museums in general was also touched upon.  One of the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s aims is to provide young audiences with the keys for understanding works of art and artistic creation through history and through the world and so the session included a valuable preview of the educational dimension of the Louvre Abu Dhabi itself. The briefing was well attended, with approximately 20 teachers and educators from various schools and sectors.